The Pro Booth - £595

Bring a professional photo studio to your event
What is included?
  • 3 hours active booth time
  • A password protected website to view all images from your event
  • Unlimited, FREE, professionally edited hi-res downloads
  • Professional camera and lighting equipment
  • Camera remote control
  • A selection of props
  • A DVD containing all images
  • Set up and take down
  • 1 experienced photo booth attendant
  • 2 idle hours (time the booth is set up but not active)

Additional active hours @ £100 each.
Additional idle hours @ £30 each.

How does it work?

PLEASE NOTE: Instant prints are not available with this package. If you would like instant prints they are available with our Photo Booth and Photo Pod packages.

In essence, The Pro Booth is a professional studio, on location. We set up a 3 metre wide studio backdrop and professional lighting and camera equipment. Guests are handed a small and discreet remote control as they enter the booth. With this they will be able to activate the camera, taking their own images. The remote is a great icebreaker helping guests to relax and the kids love it!.

Our trained photo booth attendants are on hand to take the shots that your guests may miss, usually because they’re busy laughing. In addition, our attendants are trained to work with guests to ensure that everyone makes the most of the opportunity. A young family, for example, may quickly run out of ideas and opt to leave the booth but our attendants will be ready to suggest ideas, reminding guests that they will not pay a penny for their images and that it's a wonderful opportunity to get some great family pictures.

The images below are a classic example. This lucky family were able to download these images and more, completely free. To purchase Hi-Res images of this quality from any reputable studio would easily cost hundreds of pounds.

Bring a professional photo studio to your event
How much space does The Pro Booth require?

The Pro Booth will require a minimum of 3.5 x 5 metres and we will use 3.5 x 6 metres if it’s available. We can work in smaller areas but there will be some compromise with the amount of room available in each image. If you don’t have the specified space but are keen to hire The Pro Booth, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Additional information

This package includes 2 idle hours. As an example, we can be set up for an event that starts at 6pm, open the photo booth from 8pm – 11pm and then begin the take down all for £595. If, for example you have guests arriving at 4pm and you require the photo booth to be set up before that time, we would need to charge for a further 2 idle hours at £30 each.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


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