The Pro Booth 'Pod' - £495

Bring a professional photo studio to your event
What is included?
  • 3 hours active booth time
  • Unlimited prints (with the option to include event details and graphics)
  • A password protected website to view all images from your event
  • Unlimited downloads at no extra charge
  • Professional camera and lighting equipment
  • A selection of props
  • A DVD containing all images
  • Set up and take down
  • 1 experienced photo booth attendant

Additional active hours @ £100 each
Additional set of prints @ £50 each
Additional idle hours @ £30 each

Bring a professional photo studio to your event
How does it work?

The Pro Booth 'Pod' has 2 monitors. The first, on the front, allows guests to see themselves and ensure that they are framed correctly (essential with larger groups). The second monitor, on the side of the pod, plays a constant slide show of the nights fun.

On leaving the pod, guests collect their prints with instructions on how to view and download their images online. We do not charge your guests for downloads. Images are usually available within 48 hours.

How much space does The Pro Booth 'Pod' require?

The Pro Booth ‘Pod’ is a freestanding column (partnered by a separate backdrop and stand) that requires very little space. We would suggest 1.5 x 3 metres as a minimum requirement. We would also need fairly level ground as well as access to a power point, ideally near to the Pod.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


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