The Pro Booth 'Wedding Package' - £995

Bring a professional photo studio to your event
What is included?
  • 3 hours active booth time
  • A password protected website to view all images from your event
  • Unlimited, FREE, professionally edited hi-res downloads
  • 2 top of the range marquees including flooring
  • Professional camera and lighting equipment
  • Camera remote control
  • A selection of props
  • A DVD containing all images
  • Set up and take down – A combined time of 5 hours
  • 2 experienced photo booth attendants
  • Up to 8 idle hours (Please read the additional information below)

Additional active hours @ £100 each
Additional idle hours @ £60 each

How does it work?

PLEASE NOTE: Instant prints are not available with this package. If you would like instant prints they are available with The Pro Booth 'Pod'.

The Pro Booth ‘Wedding Package’ is our premium package. It’s effectively The Pro Booth package inside our elegant and top of the range marquees. The Wedding package comes complete with a gallery of some of our finest work so your guests can see immediately that The Pro Booth is no ordinary photo booth.

As with all of our packages, guests are given a small and discreet remote allowing them to take their own pictures. Our attendants, as always are on hand to help guests with suggestions and where neccesary take the great images that the guests may be missing. Attended by 2 staff The Pro Booth ‘Wedding Package’ makes for a fantastic feature at any event.

On leaving the photo booth, guests are given a card with a unique passcode and instructions on how to view and download their images. All images are professionally edited before being uploaded, usually within 48 hours.

What does this package require?

The wedding package can be set up in a ‘L’ shape as pictured above or as a 9 metre long tunnel. Therefore, depending on which you prefer we will require a minimum of 8 x 8 metres squared or 5 x 11 metres. Setting up onto level lawn is preferred but we can also set up on hard ground where necessary. We will also require access to a power point.

Additional information

This package is most commonly booked for weddings. In most instances it's not practical or professional to set up while guests are present. Therefore, included in the price are up to 8 idle hours. We can be set up and ready by midday (if necessary) and open for business later on in the evening all for £995.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.


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